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Increase Privacy and Security With Fence Contractor Services in Mendham, NJ & Westchester County, NY

Two common considerations homeowners have when having a fence designed and built in Mendham, NJ and Westchester County, NY is increasing privacy and providing added security. Here are a few ways fence contractor services can be instrumental in ensuring both of these goals are met.

Increase Privacy and Security With Fence Contractor Services in Mendham, NJ and Westchester County, NY

Picket Fences

The white picket fence is one of the iconic American images of a home. Though the visual appeal of this type of fence is often the first consideration, it can add to security and privacy, too. The height of the fence, the size of the pickets, and the spacing between the pickets can all affect just how secure and private your home is. A picket fence from ActiveYards can be the best option if you want some seclusion without the feeling of a substantial “wall,” especially if you have a classic home. Picket fences are constructed with a variety of styles and could include a charming and imaginative gate for your front walkway.

Vinyl is a popular material for contemporary privacy fencing. It is durable, strong, and requires little maintenance. Some vinyl fences are made to resemble wood fences, but they don’t require the regular sealing or painting that wood fences do. Vinyl fences are manufactured in a range of colors to complement various design styles.

Although picket-to-picket solid privacy fences may offer the greatest degree of privacy, you may want to consider other color and style alternatives. These fences could have contrasting poles and horizontal pickets. The fact that vinyl requires almost no maintenance may make up for its higher cost relative to wood.

The Horizontal Privacy Fence

Some homeowners prefer to use horizontal pickets when constructing privacy fences to maintain a contemporary design. This kind of fence provides privacy while giving your property a clean, modern edge. Using a “shadow box” strategy, boards are positioned on the opposing sides of the main rail to produce an overlapping pattern. Although it offers privacy, this type of fence appearance is identical on both sides and has more depth than a solid fence where the boards are stacked one on top of the other.

Latticework Fences

What could be better for providing your backyard the privacy you want without feeling hemmed in than something that is sturdy on the bottom and light and airy on the top? You have the option to modify your privacy fence to match your design aesthetic thanks to the range of lattice tops.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link isn't typically thought of as a privacy fence type; rather, it's more frequently seen as a reasonably priced fence for security and pet containment. Slats of fake wood or fake vegetation, however, can be added and moved between the linkages. Or you might drape a privacy screen around the entire fence to transform your landscape into a true haven.

Privacy and Security Gates

In addition to perimeter fencing, you might need one or more gates to further protect your privacy and security. You could choose to have your gate designed in the same material and color as your fence for a seamless look, or you could have a gate designed that stands out on its own in a contrasting color.


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