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Hurricane Sandy

“Hurricane Sandy’s destruction: Aerial assessment shows nearly 72K buildings damaged in N.J.” The Star-Ledger

“After the Devastation, a Daunting Recovery” NY Times

“Sandy wreaks havoc across Northeast; at least 11 dead” CNN

Still standing and very grateful….

Above the headlines tell the truth of the horror that happened when Hurricane Sandy tore through New Jersey. It was supposed to be a happy time in the northeast, the weather was warm Halloween was around the corner and the kids were anxious for the upcoming holiday.

Instead they got their spooks from Hurricane Sandy as she arrived uninvited and unwanted at the Jersey coast. Luckily, Jan Fence for the most part was spared. We were a little inconvenienced compared to the rest of the state. Some people lost everything and luckily we were only displaced without power for about 10 days. Jan Fence was fortunate that a neighboring company graciously offered their facility to house our staff as we continued to field as many calls as possible under the conditions of lack of gas and communications with our limited phone service. We would like to Thank Courtney & Joe Turco of Turf-City for their hospitality during our loss of power.

Fortunately none of our three locations suffered any damage at all. Our staff members were also lucky to have “fixable damage” to their homes and for the most part were spared from harm just some of the inconveniences of living without for a few days/weeks. The sudden influx of business form our customers reporting damage to their fences is overwhelming and we appreciate the patience for you as we try our best to keep up with the hundreds of damage calls we have been receiving and will service you as best as we can. We hope that everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday and continue to count our blessings and give Thanks that as we were spared from the floods we battled in both our Pequannock and Wayne locations in the last hurricane.


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