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How To Keep Deer Out and Pets In

Keeping your pets safe in your yard and pesky wildlife out can be difficult without the proper barrier around your yard. There are several solutions that the representatives at Jan Fence can assist you in finding.

Deer, for instance, are a year round animal that feed on various types of plants & trees and can potentially cause damage to your property. You can install a deer fence to prevent this from occurring. Deer fences are 6′ to 8’ in height and are discreet enough to keep your yard looking beautiful. Deer fence is durable, long lasting, virtually maintenance free, and it doesn’t come with a hefty price tag in comparison to other fences. Jan Fence can provide you with quality product and installation without emptying your bank account. If you would like more information on deer fences, please contact one of our representatives and we would be thrilled to assist you.

If keeping deer out isn’t a problem for you but you have pets that you need to keep in, we can help with that, too! We know that your pets are family, and keeping them safe is high priority. With several types of options that are available, there are solutions for every yard and family. We can tailor your fence to your taste, price range and needs. If you have small animals, you will want to go with something low to the ground that they can’t crawl under. For larger animals, your most durable option is chain link, but if the eye-pleasing picket or wallet saving wood is more to your liking, our experienced estimators and installation crews will make it work for you.

At Jan Fence, we are dedicated to customer service and quality. If you are interested in further information regarding our fences please contact us. We are a family owned and operated business since 1955, and are devoted to helping you make the best decisions for yours, pets included!


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