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How to Find the Right Aluminum Fence for a Fence Installation Near Me in Saddle River, NJ

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Combing through the many different options for the right fence for your property (the perfect marriage of function and beauty) may have you coming back time and time again to one material: aluminum. Here is how to find the right aluminum fence for a “fence installation near me” in Saddle River, NJ.

How to Find the Right Aluminum Fence for a Fence Installation Near Me in Saddle River, NJ

Functionality of Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing comes in many different designs that are intended for a wide range of home styles and landscape applications. Its main function is to offer security and safety. Aluminum is often the first choice if you want a secure perimeter fence, or if you want to enhance pool safety. It can also be an ideal choice if you want to contain your pets.

If you are looking for privacy as well as security, look into vinyl or wood choices for a portion of your property that you want to keep more private. Our fencing experts could help you choose a privacy fence that goes well with a security fence for the more public-facing parts of your landscape.

Factors to consider for perimeter fencing include height, the space between pickets, and whether there will be any gates. A perimeter security fence will typically be taller and more robust than a pool safety fence.

Aesthetics of Aluminum Fences

Here’s where the fun of choosing a fence really begins. Whichever style you choose, there are a few things that aluminum fences have in common. The first is simple beauty. Since the pickets are relatively narrow, an aluminum fence will offer virtually unobstructed views of the surroundings—especially if you choose a black or other dark tone.

Depending on the style of your home, you could then choose the best fence design to bring out the best features in your home and landscape. Many aluminum fences are designed to mimic the look of traditional wrought iron fencing without the complications of wrought iron, such as rust, weight, and the challenge of installation. Some aluminum fences feature the ornate post caps or picket tops that adorned the wrought iron fences used in elegant estates for hundreds of years. In contrast, more modern aluminum fences are designed to look sleek and minimalistic in their design. Some use gentle curves while others use straight lines.

Whether your home is traditional or more contemporary, there’s an aluminum fence that will look absolutely perfect in your landscape.

Efficient Fence Installation

Aluminum fencing from ActiveYards simplifies the process compared to wrought iron by using fence panels that snap securely onto the posts. This can reduce your fence installation timeline. Also affecting installation could be your land if it’s uneven or sloped. Our experts can build a fence that follows the contours of your land to ensure both good looks and the functionality you need.

Durability of an Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are powder-coated with a selection of color choices; they will not need painting, and will not rust.

Don’t Forget the Gates

Many fences need a break for some kind of gate, whether it be for pedestrians or vehicles. The gate is a wonderful chance to get creative and add a touch of extravagance, or you can keep things simple and have the gate blend in with the rest of the fence.


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