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4 Benefits of ActiveYards Products From a Fence Contractor in Rockland County and Orange County, NY

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Putting a fence around your property is an exciting project that truly unleashes the potential of a landscape in the Rockland County and Orange County, NY, areas. Whether you’re looking to protect your commercial property, contain pets, make a safe backyard for kids, add privacy or security to the patio, or simply enhance a home’s curb appeal, you’ll get a lot for your value by choosing ActiveYards products from a fence contractor.

4 Benefits of ActiveYards Products From a Fence Contractor in Rockland County and Orange County, NY, Areas

1. Value

ActiveYards is the leading American manufacturer of low maintenance, lifetime warranted fencing systems, and JanFence is ActiveYards’ #1 distributor. We proudly share ActiveYards’ commitment to performance, beauty, style, and function. We don’t compromise any of the reasons you buy a fence—and we don’t think you should either! The fence you get from ActiveYards will be high quality, beautiful, and guaranteed to last.

ActiveYards offers good, better, and best options that suit every budget—with exceptional products in each category.

2. Style Options

ActiveYards features fences for every situation: a charming picket fence that graces your front entry, a sturdy aluminum security fence around your home, an attractive safety fence around your pool, or stylish privacy fencing that shields your patio from the neighbors (and even blocks chilly winds to make your patio cozier). There is a style perfectly suited to your home’s architecture, landscape, and your personal design aesthetic.

ActiveYards manufactures vinyl privacy, ranch, and decorative fencing in white or natural wood colors. For privacy fencing alone, you can choose from four colors, six styles, three heights, and up to three grades. ActiveYards also manufactures aluminum fencing in a range of styles and colors for any application. If you want the look of wrought iron, consider ActiveYards aluminum fencing—it will perform just as well, without the maintenance hassles of wrought iron.

3. Technologically Advanced Fencing

Since ActiveYards builds fences to last, the company uses some key technologies:

  • The GlideLock system for privacy fencing ensures that each picket is tightly locked into place with no gaps, which results in true privacy as well as a structurally strong design.

  • To protect your fence from the sun’s harmful UV rays and keep it looking fresh for many years, each fence is infused with SolarGuard color retention technology to preserve its color and finish.

  • To make aluminum fences even tougher, ActiveYards uses Corigin, a construction system that connects pickets and rails from the inside and fortifies the core for a fence that will stand the test of time.

  • Nothing is more upsetting than a privacy fence that suddenly starts bowing or sagging. ActiveYards’ StayStraight technology is a rail system that prevents substantial long-term bowing or sagging over the lifetime of your fence.

4. Professional Installation

A fence is a major investment that should be well-planned. Of course, choosing the right materials and style are crucial not only to the fence performing its functions but to make you happy. Jan Fence is always there to support you and guide you in choosing the best ActiveYards fence for your needs and installing it to our high standards.

If you have design challenges such as very rocky or uneven land, our designers will work with you to come up with a solution you’ll love.


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